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Function is used to automatically derive and/or validate the Attribute. There can be multiple Functions. Each Functions will be processed in the order in which they are defined in the config file. The Function will be activated under one or both of these two conditions:

  1. The Consumer Tier applications adds the Attribute to the Input object.
  2. The Attribute has the argument required set to true.


<Function id="InConcat" useexisting="true" classname="org.openptk.provision.definition.functions.ConcatStrings"> 
      <Argument name="arg1" type="attribute" value="firstname"/> 
      <Argument name="arg2" type="literal" value=" "/> 
      <Argument name="arg3" type="attribute" value="lastname"/> 
      <Operation type="create"/> 
      <Operation type="update"/> 


idYesI unique identifier for a given"emailaddress"
classnameYesA fully qualified Java classname that implements the Function Interfaceclassname="org.openptk.provision.transform.ConcatStrings" 
useexisting NoThis is a flag to the Framework. The default setting is false. Valid settings are true and false. If the setting is true then the Function will look to see if the Attribute already has a value. If it has a value then the Function will NOT be used and the provided "existing" value will be used.useexisting="true"