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The Structure, used within a Converter, supports the configuration options for specific elements of a Structure hierarchy.  The supported Structure elements are Converter implementation specific.


            <Structure id="results">
                  <Property name="children" value="list"/>


 Name Required Description Example
 id yes  This is the name of a Structure Element that is being referenced and the Properties will be applied to this Structure Element


 Name Required Description Example
 children no This Property is currently only used by the JsonConverter class.  

This Property tells the Converter how to process the specified Structure's Child Elements.

If the value is set to "list" ... then the Structure's (id) children (sub-structures) are enclosed in the JSON "[ ... ]" Array notation.

[ {child1} , {child2} , {childN} ]

If this Property is NOT set ... then the Structure's (id) children (sub-structures) are a encoded as discrete JSON elements.

{child1} , {child2} , {childN}


XML Sub-Elements