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This is an "optional" element and there can be only one.

The Query Element is used to define scoping of the Context. The Query is not actually used by the Context, it is made available to the Operations. The Context will create a OpenPTK Query object and automatically add it to the Operation(s). The Operation implementation may or may not use the Query Element. Please refer to the Java Docs for details on configuring Query objects.


<!-- simple query -->
<Query type="EQ" name="MemberObjectGroups" value="All People"/>
<!-- complex query -->
<Query type="AND">
  <Query type="EQ" name="MemberObjectGroups" serviceName="MemberObjectGroups" value="All People"/>
  <Query type="EQ" name="objectclass" value="user"/>


Name Required Description Example
type Yes The queries Type. Refer to the Java Docs for available Types. For a "Simple Query", the type will be a typical evaluation key word (such as "EQ"). For a "Complex Query", the type will use either "AND" or "OR" for keywords. type="EQ"
name Yes The name of the value that's used for evaluation name="objectClass"
value  Yes The value that will be used for evaluation value="inetOrgPerson" 



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