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The Query Element is used to define scoping of the Operation. A Query defined at this level, the Operation, will replace any existing Query that was defined at the Context level. A Query is optional, some Operation implementations may not need/use it.


<!-- simple query -->
<Query type="EQ" name="MemberObjectGroups" value="All People"/>
<!-- complex query -->
<Query type="AND">
  <Query type="EQ" name="MemberObjectGroups" serviceName="MemberObjectGroups" value="All People"/>
  <Query type="EQ" name="objectclass" value="user"/>


Name Required Description Example
type Yes The queries Type. Refer to the Java Docs for available Types. For a "Simple Query", the type will be a typical evaluation key word (such as "EQ"). For a "Complex Query", the type will use either "AND" or "OR" for keywords. type="EQ"
name Yes The name of the value that's used for evaluation name="objectClass"
value  Yes The value that will be used for evaluation value="inetOrgPerson" 



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