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An Action that will be executed when the related Operation is execute.  The Action can be executed either before (pre) or after (post) the Operation.  The Action needs to have been defined in the OperationActions section.


<Action id="notify" mode="post">
      <Property name="sendemail.subject"             value="Your Employee (Oracle) account has been created"/>
      <Property name="sendemail.fromaddress"         value="%{email.fromaddress}" />
      <Property name="sendemail.toaddress.attribute" value="email" />
      <Property name="template.document"             value="EmailTemplate-AccountCreated" />


 Name Required Description Example
 id yes The identifier of a pre-defined Action, from the OperationActions section id="notify"
 mode yes One of the valid modes:
  • pre
  • post


Each Action will have it's own unique set of required and optional Properties.

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