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An available Operation for the Context.


<Operation id="search" attrgroup="..." connection="..." association="...">
      <Property name="operation.classname"   value="org.openptk.spi.operations.JndiOperations"/>
      <Property name="key"                   value="uniqueid"/>
      <Property name="sort"                  value="lastname,firstname"/>
      <Action id="..." mode="...">
   <Query type="EQ" name="objectClass" value="inetOrgPerson"/>


Name Required Description Example
id Yes valid Operation type: create,read,update,delete,search,pwdchange,pwdreset. id="read"
attrgroup Yes A defined AttrGroup attrgroup=person-read
connection Yes/No A defined Connection. A Connection MUST either be defined at the Context level or within each Operation. If a Connection is defined in both locations, the Operation level Connection will be used. connection="OpenDS" 
association  Yes/No A defined Association. An Association MUST either be defined at the Context level or within each Operation. If an Association is defined in both locations, the Operation level Association will be used. association="JNDI"


Properties at this level will be merged with all of the Properties from the Context level. If a Property at this level has the same name as an existing Property, the Operation level (this) Property will replace it. Most of the Properties at this level are optional and may be specific to / required by the class that implements the Operation. Some commonly used Properties are listed below:

Name Required Description Example
operation.classname  No The fully qualified name of a class that implements the OperationsIF. org.openptk.spi.operations.SpmlSunOperations 
key No The name of the Attribute that is designated as the unique identifier. uniqueid
sort Yes/No A comma separated list of attribute names to define how the results of a search should be sorted. This really only applies to an Operation that has an id of search. lastname,firstname

Operation id="search"

The search Operation uses a collection of properties that only unique to it:

Name Description
search.default.order An ordered list of attributes that are used by the search logic
search.contains.minchar Minimum number of character (for a search value) to use CONTAINS
search.operators A comma separated list of Query Operators that are supported

See the "enhanced search" project for details.

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