This section defines the available Contexts and sets some global values used by the Framework.

INFORMATION: Properties defined at this level will be pushed to the all of the defined Contexts. Any Property can be added at this level. There are a number of required and optional INTERNAL Properties that need to be defined (see section below).


         <Property name="context.default"   value="Person-SunIdm-SPML"/>
         <Property name="context.classname" value="org.openptk.context.TimeoutContext"/>
         <Property name="logger"            value="UnixLogFile"/>
         <Property name="audit"             value="false"/>
         <Property name="timestamp"         value="true"/>
   <Context ...>




Name Required Description Example Value
audit   Send audit information to the Logger. Values are "true" or "false". false
context.classname Yes
The fully qualified name of a Class that implements the ContextIF Interface. org.openptk.context.TimeoutContext 
context.default Yes
Which Context should be used if a Context is not specified. Person-SPML-Sun
logger Yes
Which Logger should be used. The Logger is used by the Framework to handle all types of information that needs to be recorded to a log. UnixLogFile  Yes
The Encryption that is used to encrypt and decrypt secret configuration data, such as password. This must be defined in the <Security> section. PBEWithMD5AndDES
timestamp   Collect timestamp information send timings to the Logger. Values are "true" or "false". true