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Connection defines information that is specific back-end to a Subject repository. The Properties defined in a given Connection are specific to that Connection. They are passed on to the Service/Operation(s) when they are created.

The actual classname that implements the Service's Operations is set in the Context. It is defined as a Property at the Context level or at the Operation level (within the Context).


<Connection id="OpenDS"> 
      <Property name="connection.description" value="OpenDS 1.0"/> 
      <Property name="..." value="..."/> 


idYesA unique id for the Service. This is as part of defining a Contextid="OpenDS"


connection.descriptionNoDescribes the Connection, passed to the class when createdOpenDS 1.0.0
urlNoA proper URL for how to connect to the Service/Operationsldap://localhost:1389
user.nameNoThe name of the Proxy user that will be used to authenticatecn=Directory Manager
user.passwordNoThe password for the Proxy userHello World

NoticeCertain Services may require other Properties.

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