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Service Tier

The Service Tier is where OpenPTK Request's are translated and its data is used to leverage the native Java APIs of the target resource. The Service Tier is made up of two components ... the Service Interface and Operation Modules. A Service must be configured with at least one Operation Module. A Service can be configured to support different Modules on a per Operation basis.


The OpenPTK Framework package contains the OperationsIF interface and a Operations abstract class, which implements the interface. It is suggested that implementations of the interface sub-class this Operations and implement its abstract methods.



Class Type Description


Class Type Description


Class Type Extends Description
JdbcOperations concrete Operations Generic JDBC Service, used by MySQL
EmbeddedJdbcOperations concrete JdbcOperations JavaDB (derby)
OracleJdbcOperations concrete JdbcOperations Uses OracleDataSource for connection


Class Type Extends Description
LdapOperations abstract Operations Foundation LDAP methods
JndiOperations concrete LdapOperations Implements the LDAP operations using JNDI
UnboundIDOperations concrete LdapOperations Implements the LDAP operations using UnboundID API

Identity Managers

Oracle Identity Manager 10g (oim10g)

Class Type Extends Description
OIMRegistrationOperations concrete Operations Supports anonymous self registration

Oracle Identity Manager 11g (oim11g)

The Oracle Identity Manager 11g Service/Operations module leverages the OIMClient Java API.

Class Type Extends Description
OIMClientOperations abstract Operations contains connection information
OIMClientUserOperations concrete OIMClientOperations User operations
OIMClientUnauthenOperations concrete OIMClientOperations Unauthenticated operations; anonymous registration
OIMClientRequestOpeerations abstract OIMClientOperations Common request functionality
OIMClientRequestRoleOperations concrete OIMClientRequestOpeerations Role Requests
OIMClientRequestResourceOpeerations concrete OIMClientRequestOpeerations Resource Requests

ArchitectureInterface to the Service/Operation Tier
SPML2A Service/Operations that support the SPML2 specification. Operation should include: CREATE,READ,UPDATE,DELETE,SEARCH,PWDCHANGE,PWDRESET
use a ldap search to determine the dn for all operations other than create.
Oracle Identity Manager 11gUse the Oracle Identity Manager 11g Java API to implement the Services / Operations.