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Framework Tier

Feature Description
Authentication Ability to identify who (userPrincipal) is accessing the Consumer Interface.
Authorization Using the AutheN, identify what functions/capabilities the userPrincipal is allowed to perform. 
Leverage the J2EE Declarative Security / Role model (userRole)
Model, Views, and Relationships Create a Model that has Views and Relationship facility to support the concepts of Siblings, Ancestors, and Children
Attribute Properties Add Properties to Attributes, need by client for dynamic UI
Function Processing Handling of function logic and chaining. Allow functions to control the processing to the next / other functions
Pre Post Operation Actions Enhance the Operations to support the configuration of Pre and/or Post processing for Operations
Plugins A general purpose mechanism for managing and accessing external "plugins"
Templates A facility for creating templates that are merged with runtime data. These can be used by multiple parts of the system. The initial requirement is for email templates