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Notes: 2.1


This release is an update to version 2.0.  This release contains bug fixes, enhancements to existing capabilities, and new features.  The most notable change in this release is the use of maven, instead of ant, for the build process.  The adoption of maven has made the project more modular, reduced its download size (less bundled jar files) and will enable the future support of Project OpenPTK in a maven repository.


New capabilities within the Project

 Issue  Description  Details
 107  Enable maven as a build tool option  Setup Guide using Maven
 248  Registration example using CAPTCHA  Self-Service Samples
 300  Support data type declaration via URI  MimeType via URI


Updates / improvements to existing capabilities within the Project

 Issue  Description  Details
 204  Session Manager support for max session life  
 205  check xml config file against xsd at startup  
 207  Enhance Engine interface to support AuthZ data  
 240  Refactor execute() method in operations  
 267  Only include necessary jar files when building the server  related to Issue 107
 304  Migrate from sun.misc packages to Apache Commons Codec encoding  
 307  Support complex queries within context definition  
 317  Number of log files  
 323  Migrate OpenPTK Demo to Jetty container  
 324  Internal Server Error returned from ptk:doPasswordChange  
 325  Include error details in HTTP Response  
 326  Server Interface: add back Button on pages  
 327  Update Jersey release  using Jersey 1.12
 330  Limit use of WebApplicationException  
 331  Remove ant build capabilities  related to Issue 107

Bug Fixes

Things that were fixed

 Issue  Description  Details
 311  Query type NE generates wrong ldap filter  
 312  CLI state handling for NOTEXIST or FAILED  
 334  Forgotten Password logic assumes there will be more than one question