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2.0 Demo Environment

This page provides the instructions to download, install, configure and run a demonstration of OpenPTK 2.0.  The out of the box demonstration can run on any platform that includes Java 6.

Demonstration Architecture

The contents of this Demonstration Environment include the scripts, OpenPTK java classes, application server and database necessary to run a demonstration environment of OpenPTK Server as well as the applications:  Identity Central and User Management Lite (UML).

The demonstration environment described in this configuration includes the following components:
  • Embedded GlassFish 3
  • Project OpenPTK Server 2.0
  • Project OpenPTK Identity Central 2.0
  • Project OpenPTK UML 2.0
  • Embedded Derby Database with Demo Tables

The demonstration environment will create the following components when run:
  • GlassFish App Server on port 8080
  • OpenPTK Server Web App (.../openptk-server)
  • OpenPTK Identity Central Web App (.../openptk-identitycentral)
  • OpenPTK UML Web App (.../openptk-uml)

Download OpenPTK Demo

Obtain the latest bits from OpenPTK's download location:

Installation/Running the OpenPTK Demonstration

  1. Unzip the contents into a directory.  Creates an openptk-demo-2.0.0 directory.

    $ unzip .../

  2. Change directory into the directory with unzipped contents.

    $ cd openptk-demo-2.0.0/bin

  3. Start the OpenPTK Server, Identity Central & UML

    $ ./startopenptk

  4. Browse to the OpenPTK Server


    uid: openptkconfig
    pw: password

  5. Browse to the OpenPTK Identity Central


  6. Browse to the OpenPTK UML