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This document will assist the developer in setting-up NetBeans Projects that leverage the various packages within Project OpenPTK.

The processes outlined in this document will allow the developer to leverage the bundled build process (ant and build.xml file) that is provided with Project OpenPTK while using the development features of NetBeans.

The process involves downloading the entire Project OpenPTK source code distribution and then creating a specific NetBean's projects (both Java and Web) that "map" to OpenPTK projects.


Create a directory (folder) structure which will be used to hold the Project OpenPTK checked-out source code and NetBeans Projects. This document will use the following variable for the structure:

${NB_HOME} /work/Software/netbeans
${PTK_HOME} /work/Software/openptk


Install NetBeans 5.5 or higher. The instructions in this document have been tested on Netbeans 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5. The screenshots included in this page were taken on Netbeans 6.0 on Mac OSX, other Netbeans versions and operating systems may vary slightly from these screenshots.

New NetBeans projects will be created for the components of the Project OpenPTK. The new NetBeans projects will be created under the
${NB_HOME} directory.

Project OpenPTK

Checkout the source code for Project OpenPTK from Use the following svn command to obtain the source code.

Current Development Release

svn checkout openptk --username guest

Replace the "<username>" with your login or you can use "guest".