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Minutes: 2011-01-17

Notes from Mon, Jan 7th, 2011 OpenPTK Owners Meeting


Scott Fehrman
Derrick Harcey
Terry Sigle


  1. Authorization Status update
  2. Release 2.0 Planning
  3. Documentation
  4. Open Issues


Meeting started at 21:00 Central

Authorization Status update

Authorization updates have been tested and several configuration issues were found. These were related to allowing access to the REST interface as needed.

Scott reviewed a log output from the authorization implementation. He will create a new page with an example of how to read the authorization logs.

TODO: Scott will create a wiki page for Authorization Log Analysis

Refactoring of EngineAuthNFilter discussion. It will be renames the AuthFilter. The AuthNRequestWrapper will also be changed to AuthRequestWrapper. The EngineServlet is not being used and will be removed.
TODO: Derrick will do this

TODO: Derrick will implement. UML - A ProxyAuthFilter will be used to perform authentication in the UML.

Terry has found a potential issue with the logout invalidation of sessions. He is trying to reproduce the issue with the client api.
TODO: Terry will update the issue as needed. changes will migrate to kenai on Wed. Jan 19th., 2010. This will affect all project services.

TODO: perform an svn export and svn checkout on Jan 20th, to ensure a local copy of all source.

Release 2.0 Planning

All open issues will be addressed for 2.0, or pushed to 2.1. No new enhancements are being considered. Testing of the existing features will continue.

Testing is a priority for all.

A weekly owners status update will be held until version 2.0 is determined to be complete.


  • TODO: Need to define a final list of needed docs.