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Minutes: 2010-06-30

Notes from Wed, June 2nd, 2010 OpenPTK Owners Meeting


Scott Fehrman
Derrick Harcey
Terry Sigle


  1. Session life-cycle management
  2. Target date for release 2.0
  3. Documentation
  4. Open Issues


Meeting started at 21:45 Central

Session life-cycle management

Discussed how the Client API interacts with the Server (ServletFilter) relative to Session management.

  • The default server configuration has "anonymous" authentication enabled.
  • The CLI sample application (a user of the Client API) requires the end-user to authenticate.
  • Since the "client" provided credentials, upon successful authentication, the Server creates a USER session instead of an ANON session.
  • If the Client remains idle for longer than the session timeout, the Server removes the Session.
  • If the Client executes a command after the idle period, the Server automatically creates a new ANON session and allows the command to be processed.

A number of options were discussed to enhance this scenario. One option is to leverage the Authorization features that are currently under development. This topic is be re-evaluated after the authorization features are implemented.

Target date for release 2.0

The current target date for 2.0 is July 31, 2010. Suggested code freeze, two weeks prior.


  • The wiki page for Version 2.0 has been updated.
  • The new design is based on "tabs" to separate the logic categories of documents.
  • It was suggested that a common template be used for all the docs to maintain the look-n-feel.
  • Each member will consider when to break a "large" document into sub-wiki pages
  • TODO: Need to define a final list of needed docs.

Open Issues:

  • CLI: Looking at third-party jar for parsing input
  • CLI: Evaluating operation responses when a Service is off-line
  • Server UI: enhanced to support IE
  • Authentication: functionally complete, waiting integration with authorization
  • Authorization: started development
    • Created namespace for packages
    • Updated configuration xsd and xml