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Minutes: 2010-03-25

Notes from Wed, March 25th, 2010 OpenPTK Owners Meeting


Scott Fehrman
Derrick Harcey
Terry Sigle


  1. Version 2 Development Update
  2. Open Issues Review
  3. Version 2 Release Planning


Version 2 Development Update

REST return codes

Status code discussion regarding return values for delete. Issue 111 was referenced and the correct behavior is currently implemented.


Discussion regarding the potential to add 2 new enhancements for 2.1:

1) A batch interface to the cli is requested so shell scripts can take advantage of the cli
2) The ability to store encrypted credentials in the cli properties file.
3) The ability to list contexts in the CLI was added. The contexts which are available for the clientid (cli) will be displayed. The list of context returned is based on the available contexts for the clientid.

These issues will be opened and elaborated upon in the issue tracker.

Help Text in Documentation

Scott brought up the issue of avoiding the entry of comments in source code which has a reference to an issue. All comments should describe the code and not reference issue since all details are in the issue tracker.

Library Documentation page has been updated

All the data regarding the appropriate libraries is complete. More investigation will need to be performed for what is needed for:

  • Development time
  • runtime
  • both

Next step will be to modify the ant script and do testing to validate the libraries used.

Build process update.

The openptk.xml and openptk.xsd files have been moved to the server WEB-INF/classes directory, since they are only used by the server as of 2.0.

Open Issues Review

All issues (except closed) were reviewed for version 2.0

Several issues are in a RESOLVED state and ready to be tested and CLOSED.

A new issue was open for ensuring that HTTP response codes or 204 are returned for responses with no content.

Version 2 Release Planning

  1. Open Issues and priorities status discussion for 2.0

Version 2.0 release discussion: All 2.0 issues are expected to be resolved prior to release. Items which are not in scope for 2.0 have been pushed to 2.1.