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Minutes: 2010-01-25

Notes from Monday, January 25th, 2010 OpenPTK Owners Meeting


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


  1. Version 2 Development Update
  2. Open Issues Review
  3. Version 2 Release Planning


Version 2 Development Update

Infrastructure has been enhanced to support null values.
Making all the key classes threadsafe was performed.
Session manager now manages and cleanup expired sessions.
Response codes are handled appropriately throughout.
Binary support added for JNDI
Upload of photos supported in UI
Largest outstanding development activity for 2.0 is the authorization design and implementation.

Open Issues Review

  • CLI change password is to be implemented prior to closing the CLI issues for 2.0
  • Windows CLI support pushed to 2.1
  • A new issue (166) was opened to address the quoted strings in the CLI: Support quoted arguments/values in CLI
  • Minor Authentication enhancements added, issue will remain open since authorization may required additions
  • Licensing evaluation is ongoing. Javascript and java .jar files are all being evaluated for licensing
  • Server UI - wiki page to track ongoing topics associated with this task

A new issue (167: build process update) will be created for ensuring that the build preocess only includes files which are needed. If any development environment files of any old .jars which are not longer used are found, they will be removed from the build process.

Version 2 Release Planning

  1. Open Issues and priorities status discussion for 2.0
  2. Version 2 release documentation / features page

Version 2.0 release discussion: All 2.0 issues are expected to be resolved prior to release.

The highest priority items currently are the server interface design and the authorization. These topics will
the focus in the short term.