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Minutes: 2009-08-31

Notes from Monday, August 31st, 2009 OpenPTK Owners Meeting


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle



Developer Access Governance

Terry received feedback from Pat Patterson and the OpenSSO team on their process.  Basically, the governance model hasn't changed since day one.  The model has stood the test of time on that project.

The Project Owners evaluated the current governance model and came up with the following changes:

It was unanimously voted by the current Project Owners to strike the 2nd to last paragraph of the Module Owners paragraph to read :

Module Owners are Committers responsible for reviewing and maintaining the quality of a specific module. They merge patches and new code from the development branch of the source tree into the stable branch of the particular module. They are responsible for making sure that these contributions do not break the build by performing a second level review as well as an architecture review of the proposed changes. Module owners are appointed by creating a consensus among Committers and Module Owners. Module Owners are initially appointed by Sun. Request theDeveloper role and Content Developer role.

It was unanimously voted by the current Project Owners to change the 2nd to last sentence of the Project Managers paragraph to read "Project Managers are appointed by the existing Project Managers, by majority vote".  The new paragraph will read:

Project Managers are responsible for managing the entire OpenPTK project, helping to create policies by consensus that ensure global quality. Project Managers are responsible for creating the project branch of the source tree. Branches are created for sustaining, major enhancements, and experiments. Project Managers are also responsible for making any updates to the governance policy. All decisions are made by consensus. In cases where a consensus can not be reached, Project Managers make the final decision. Project Managers are appointed by Sun the existing Project Managers, by majority vote. Request the DeveloperContent Developer and Project Owner roles.

The owners will use an evaluation process guided by the following paragraph. It will not be included in the governance model, but offered as a side page to help potential developers with qualification criteria.

While the OpenPTK project always welcomes input from the open source community, it is important that any potential developers on the project take part in existing open source communities and maintain Java development skills.  More specifically, before a user becomes a developer, we ask that they become an Observer of the project and obtain the following skills (not that they are required, but highly recommended):

  • Participation in the OpenPTK Project as an Observer
  • Seasoned Java Developer
  • Contributions to other open source projects
  • Has deployed or used OpenPTK in developement
  • Knowledge of a java IDE (Netbeans or Eclipse)

The Project Owners of the OpenPTK Project will make the decision to approve varying levels of roles in the project.  If a request is denied, the Project Owners will provide a reason, along with a recommendation on how to continue.  Anyone requesting Observer will be automatically approved.  Any user causing malicious acts on the project, regardless of role, will have their privilages removed immediately.

Development Activities List / Priorities

Updated the current Developer Task List .

DNS Server forwarding strategy - Status

Server Hosting of is being setup in the AWS Cloud.