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Minutes: 2009-07-08

Notes from Friday, July 8, 2009 OpenPTK Status Informal Notes

This is a Owners notes from conversations with Scott and Derrick.


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey


  • Development Activities List / Priorities


Development Activities List / Priorities

The following list of tasks were discussed as either in process or in planning stages for version 2. The priority is not a measure of the importance of the feature, just the order in which features are expected to be completed as there are many dependencies.

HighServer Session ID implementation
HighServer Side search results caching and pagination
HighAuthentication on server with a servlet filter design
HighServer Login Interface
HighServices update to use OR whenever possible
MediumAdd Server configuration to the openptk.xml and xsd
MediumServer Anon: Registration and forgotten password Interface
MediumServer Whitepages Interface
MediumServer Self Service Interface
MediumServer Admin Interface - show contexts, config, logs
MediumServer Stylesheets and branding
MediumServer AJAX and UI Widgets / javascript library design
MediumEngine Instrumentation
MediumEnhance JDBC Service
MediumRESTful Create, Update, Delete
MediumStrip encrypted fields from RESTful results (password, etc.)
MediumProperly handle integers and booleans in converters
MediumAdvanced search to specify attribute(s) to search against
Lowhtml converter formatting / stylesheet support
LowRESTful password management
LowServer Authorization
LowDefault Search extensions: consider internal OR implementation
LowTimeout issue on REST calls - optimal server startup handling
LowNew Service: Identity Connectors
LowNew Service: Message Queue
LowNew Serviee: LDAP using UnboundID SDK
LowSPMLv1 approval processing / launch workflow
LowEmail Notifications integration
LowServer Side Search RESTful suggest function