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Minutes: 2009-02-17

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 9:41pm CST OpenPTK Status Call

This is a Owners meeting.


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


  1. Tactical Items
    1. Move forward on use case issues around functions/operations of attributes
    2. Talk about the sample services (including password changes)
  2. Strategic Items
    1. Brainstorm wishlist for 2.0
  3. Update on changes over last few weeks


Sample Services

Discussed passwords on sample servers, services, webapps

Closed forum session for discussion of secret passwords

Sample server naming scheme was discussed and will be documented on a protected page

AI: Document Sample Server Sites - Derrick

Discussed Use case around functions/operations of attributes

Reviewed 2.0 Attribute Function Redesign Document

Discussed the need for the "mode" on the Function definitions in the Configuration XML. Decided that the "mode" wasn't needed. Will try to design out the mode, since the mode is implied by the type of operation.

For now, we will stay away from creating a complex workflow definition for functions and instead operate the functions sequentially

Status on 2.0

Derrick finished the SPML 2.0 service. All checked into the trunk. Has a few minor changes to check in.

Discussed testing matrix under the Development Activities page.

RESTful web services. Reviewed design document in the Development Activities->Enhancement Requests->RESTful web services.

Brainstorm wishlist for 2.0

Authentication - Identified as a high priority for CLI and RESTful

Null versus Empty Values - Identified as a high priority

Reviewed the 2.0 Enhancement page. Will break out each item into separate pages to discuss more specifics.

AI: Each person should sponsor items on the wishlist

Next meeting topics:

  • Discuss items on Wish List in detail by each sponsor

Meeting ended: @ 11:45 pm Central