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Minutes: 2009-01-20

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:30pm CST OpenPTK Status Call

This is a Owners meeting.


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


  1. Purpose of "Action Items", Request for Design, Issue Tracker
  2. Open items review
  3. Archival wiki page(s) pre-current release code / downloads
  4. Discuss Open issues on issue tracker
  5. Discuss 1.1 status
  6. Discuss 1.2 needs / criteria
  7. Discuss 2.0 design


Issue Tracker vs. Action Items

Code related items go into issue tracker.

Short-term ideas / thoughts can go into Actions Items

AI: Javadocs

Terry created 1.1 and 2.0 javadocs on the website

Terry will create links on the wiki site

AI: Architecture guide status, v1.1

Terry reviewed and updated the wiki document

AI: Application guide status, v1.1

Derrick finished doc and closed item

AI: Build target for ext related files

Scott to create a formal Issue in Issue Tracker

AI: Announcement of v1.1 Documentation

Need decision on removing developers guide, wait for v2.0

Remove references to v1.0 docs

Archiving older releases

Agreed to create the archival wiki page for releases that are older than the current release. The download page will contain a link to the archives.

Discuss Issue Tracker, OPEN

2: Updated, still valid, review in future release

7: Testing end-2-end password change, closed

9: Will use JNDI/LDAP Service, no OpenSSO specific impl. needed, closed

15: Still open, less freq. looking at re-design options for r2.0

17: Self service navigation enhancement, closed

19: I18N, moved 2.0 design consideration

20: Role examples (CRUD) framework, service, samples

21: CLI output options, r2.0

23: Windows CLI, r2.0

28: Authentication architecture, r2.0

29: Authorization architecture, r2.0

30: RESTful web service, started, r2.0

39: Additional transformation, done, closed

41: Subject attributes are included in service attributes, resolved in r2.0

43: Query framework, native queries, for JDBC, future release discussion

50: Consumer Tier setting of service credentials, pass to service, r2.0

52: Null attributes in transformation throws exception, needs further discussion, moved to r2.0

53: Enhance CLI to support interactive shell mode, moved to r2.0

55: Error messages in UML, better handling, closed

62: Self Registration Portlet example, r2.0

66: UML email attribute not created, r2.0

69: JetSpeed 2.1.3 broken, r2.0

70: SPE implement password change/reset operations, open

71: UML SPML setting forgotten questions, open

Discuss the release process.

How to handle updates to a "tag". Making updates to release 1.1 and how to best mark a 1.2 release.

Next meeting topics:

  • Review Open Issues

Meeting ended: @ 12:00 am Central