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Minutes: 2009-01-13

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 9:30pm CST OpenPTK Design Meeting


Update on 1.1 release topics

  • Version 1.1 documenation status
    • javadocs
    • Architecture Guide
    • Applications Guide
  • site updates
    • Version 1.1 sample site rebuild status

Version 2.0 status discussion

  • General status update
  • RESTFul Web Service status

Version 2.0 design priories

  • Core Architecture enhancements
    • encryption of proxy credentials
    • Handling of null values
    • Handling of functions and chaining
  • Discuss server packaging of V2
  • Discuss repository concept of v2
  • Discuss Security design of v2
  • Additional Services
    • SPMLv2
  • Additional Applications
    • Java FX
    • RESTFul consumer (provlet)

Open Issues Discussion


Scott FehrmanSun Microsystems, Inc.
Derrick HarceySun Microsystems, Inc.
Steve LewisAdvanced Systems Engineering Corporation

Meeting Minutes (9:30 - 11:30 PM CST):

Design Discussion:

Steve shared his request for future functionality. He's interested leveraging a message queue between the tiers of OpenPTK's architecture. Currently the interfaces between the Consumer/Framework Tiers and the Framework/Service Tiers use a basic Java API. Using a message queue (or other persistence technology) would enable OpenPTK to support async operations, more scaling and high-availability functionality. We discussed the idea of making the Tier interfaces "pluggable" to support simple to complex deployments. This idea has been added to the 2.0 Enhancement Request Design Discussions page.

Agenda Items:

  • Version 1.1 documenation status
    • javadocs

Open Item: Terry took the action item to Recommend a URL of /javadocsv1.1 for the 1.1 javadocs, what is the ETA? We should also create a 2.0 URL once the 2.0 javadocs are in a state to share (Scott is looking into this topic)

  • site updates

Open Item: the documentation link should link directly to the wiki docs site:

Open Item: The Information link in the LHM should point to a page on the wiki since this is static content.

Open Item: FAQ should be moved to the wiki

  • Architecture Guide

Open Item: Update from Terry on status

  • Applications Guide

Open Item: In progress, 80% done.

  • Version 1.1 sample site rebuild status

Status: All samples deployed, all services deployed, SPE service needs testing.

Version 2.0 status discussion

  • General status update

2.0 What's New document created Parity of all 1.1 features plus additional.

A Service has different backend operations

CLI has search enhanced to provide more readable output in a column format.

openptk.xml redesign complete

  • RESTFul Web Service (new consumer tier) status

Search and Read prototype are functional leveraging JSR 311 with Jersey. Currently the prototype is only passing JSON formatted data. Testing with a JMaki table widget.

Version 2.0 design priories

This conversation is tabled until all 3 founders are on a design call.

Reference the 2.0 Enhancement Request Design Discussions page for details

Open Items

see [Action Items] page