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Minutes: 2008-11-17

Monday, November 17, 2008 9pm CST OpenPTK Status Call


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


  1. Review Architecture for next version (2.x)
  2. Discuss Strategy for test site
  3. Discuss Documentation wiki


  1. Discuss next version architecture
    • All of the Founders agreed on the new (next) architecture
    • The architecture supports more flexible "Contexts". The Contexts can now define a unique Service (JNDI,SPML,etc.) for a specific Operation (create,read,update,delete,etc.)
    • Context will now "link" four components together: Definition, Service, Association, AttrGroup instead of just two: Subject and Service. This model is much more flexible and address limitations and redundant data in the configuration
    • The Element "Subject" is now called "Definition" to match the Java Code
    • An Attribute, within a Definition, supported "Transformations/Transforms" ... these are now called "Functions/Tasks" to support the validation of attributes that will not actually modify the Attributes
    • A "Defaults" Element was added. These defaults are evaluated when the XML file is processed. These default Properties are accessible by other parts of the XML file.
    • A "Security" Element was added. An "Encryption" Element was added to support the encrypting of values.
  2. Discussed wiki documentation
  3. Discussed pre-packages 1.0 samples on the
  4. Discussed hosting of ""


dharceyReviewing / updating wiki docs (v1.1)
sfehrmanAdd open/closed bug and issue info to Doc (v1.1)
tsigleEvaluate plans for current server
sfehrmanContinue with next version architecture

ADJORNED at 11:30pm CST