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Minutes: 2008-07-08

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 10am CDT OpenPTK Status Call


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


  1. version 1.1 feature completion status
  2. timeline for 1.1 release
  3. Server updates for hosted version of v1.1
  4. Documentation strategy for version 1.1
  5. Communication Strategy
  6. future Developer requests strategy
  7. new related community projects


dharceyCheckin updated SPML Service, SPE artifacts and openptk.xml config
sfehrmanRefresh/Test Jetspeed onto
dharceyRefresh/Test SPE onto
tsigleRefresh/test UML with new code base to
tsigleFix the dns for, and
sfehrmanCleanup Wiki Home and Documentation Pages
tsigleDraft an updated governance model for discussion in next meeting
sfehrmanCreate documentation structure and assign docs


  1. Discuss version 1.1 feature completion status
    • Version 1.1. is feature complete except for the SPE service
    • Implementing all actions except for Password Operations
    • Password changes can be performed via Modify SPML Request
    • Artifacts for SPML config have been changed and tested (for IDM8)
    • Expect changes to be checked in later today
    • has been updated with artifacts
    • Changing Identity Manager organization from Customer to "All People"
  2. Discuss timeline for 1.1 release
    • Expressed need to finish documentation until 1.1 is released
    • Once we have a structure to docs and quality of docs, we can create a tentative 1.1.0 release date.
  3. Discuss Server updates for hosted version of v1.1
    • Discussed refreshing site with v1.1
    • All three domain names (.org, .net, .com) renewed in June, 2008
    • JavaDoc Link isn't resolving
    • Point hostnames to the following:
    • www -->
    • wiki --> - sample -->
  4. Discuss Documentation strategy for version 1.1
    • Discussed format of documentation (wiki or open office)
    • Agreement to use for all documentation
    • Need new documents for Release 1.1
      • Overview
      • Release Notes
      • Administration Guide
      • Configuration Reference Guide for XML
      • Developers Guide
      • Samples Guide
      • NetBeans Install Guide
  5. Discuss Communication Strategy
    • Need to update the, wiki site often with content
    • Strive for a monthly call on status of project
  6. Discuss future Developer requests strategy
    • Need to cleanup Governance Model and make it easier to understand
  7. Discuss new related community projects
    • Want to reach out to other members who has blogged, created content, wants to create documentation

ADJORNED at 11:50am