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Minutes: 2008-04-29

4/29/2008 9:30pm CDT OpenPTK Status Concall.


  • Scott Fehrman
  • Derrick Harcey
  • Terry Sigle


tsigleRedirect www.openptk.[org] to
sfehrmanMove Javadoc from www to sample. Update web pages 
with new link.
tsigleInstall/test OpenDS onto
sfehrmanInstall/test Jetspeed onto
dharceyInstall/Test SPE onto
tsigleInstall/test UML with new code base to

Current/Future Websites

Discussed the current use of websites for the OpenPTK project. Current and 
future decisions include:

  • SVN Repository
  • Issue Tracker
  • Downloads Repository (.wars, .zips, ...)
  • User Documentation Repository (and .net, .com)


  • Splash page --> DELETE
  • /javadoc (OpenPTK javadoc documentation) --> Move to
  • /idm (Currently not used, old implementation) --> DELETE

  • Wiki (JspWIKI)
  • /idm (Identity Manager/SPML Service Sample)
  • MySQL 5.x (JDBC Service Sample)
  • WebService (.wsdl Service Sample) --> Need to be ADDED
  • OpenDS (LDAP Service Sample) --> Need to be ADDED
  • SPE (SPE/SPML Service Sample) --> Need to be ADDED
  • Jetspeed Portal (Portlet Service Samples) --> Need to be ADDED
  • /uml (UML Sample) --> Need to be UPDATED

Release Version 1.1.0 Features

Decision to move forward with Version 1.1.0 has been decided to include the 
features listed below. The current code base (SVN 154) includes everything 
barring a few minor fixes/tests. Including these changes, this version is code 

  • New forgotten Password feature, random questions (thanks to Jacco)
  • Configurable timeouts per operation / per service
  • Runtime / dynamic attribute definition for Contexts
  • Client-side authentication for SPML service
  • Configuration automatically disables mis-configured Services and Contexts
  • Remove Configuration dependancies on the "default" Context
  • Tested SPML support for Identity Manager SPE
  • JNDI Service Added (tested with Sun DSEE 6.x and OpenDS)
  • Experimental JDBC Service Added (tested with MySQL)

Upon final version 1.1.0 QA testing, the following items need to occur:

  • Final Build
  • Upload version 1.1.0 distributions to Downloads Area
  • SVN "tag" the repository with version 1.1.0
  • Update all demos
  • Update all documentation to refer to new downloads/documentation

Project OpenPTK Futures

There was a discussion around different areas for futures of OpenPTK. Some 
of these include, but not limited to:

  • 1.2 (short term)
    • JDBC service (Look into OpenSource persistent frameworks)
    • A persistent service (Hibernate, etc.)
    • A service implementing a message bus (Java Message Service - JMS)
    • Non-Person Subject Testing & Samples
    • Consumer Tier RESTful interface
    • OpenPTK Configuration .xml Editor
    • OpenPTK CLI, Bulk file capability, Interactive Sessions, Password Management
  • 2.0 (Long Term)
    • Extendable "operation", support beyond the CRUDS,PP
    • Enhance "Subject" model to support business logic (example: parents, peers, siblings logic)
    • Discuss Authentication/Authorization throughout the Framework
    • OpenPTK "Server" release 
      Management/Configuration Server, Phone Home Interface, Web Services RESTful