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Minutes: 2008-01-07


Fehrman, ScottProject OwnerSun Microsystems
Harcey, DerrickProject OwnerSun Microsystems
Sigle, TerryProject OwnerSun Microsystems

Open Issues

  • Test JSR-168 Portlet samples. Forgotten Password, User Self-service and User Administration
  • Complete full support for "Roles". Support the listing of Roles and Role specific details.
  • Reviewed all open Issues on the web site, Updated Issue owners and Priorities.

New Topics

  • Create JDBC Service
  • Consumer application for Mobile SOA project. Provisioning users to LDAP.
  • Create RESTful Web Service at Consumer Tier
  • Create new sample "Web 2.0" applications that leverages the RESTful Web Service, Java FX
  • Architect an Authentication strategy. Need to identify the Use Cases.
  • Design a Solaris Naming Service application. Need to identify the Use Cases.
  • Discussed events where Project OpenPTK could be on the agenda. Submitted paper to JavaOne 2008 conference.
  • Enhancement to Core Framework: Add support to set per-service / per-operation time-out values.