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Minutes: 2011-12-19

OpenPTK Owners Meeting


Scott Fehrman
Derrick Harcey
Terry Sigle


  1. Release 2.0 Planning
    • Testing
    • Review
    • Documentation


Meeting started at 21:30 Central

Version 2.0 Release Planning

The features of 2.0 are complete the following.  Prior to release, the following areas need to be addressed:

  • Documentation
  • Release Testing
  • Release Review
Each of these topics are described in more detail below.


The documentation which is currently available is enough for the release of version 2.0.  It is expected that the documentation will continue to be improved and modified over time, but since it is not impacting the source or build process, therefore, if will not affect the release of 2.0.


Testing for each of the services and all the major features will need to be performed by at least 2 of the 3 founders prior to release.  A testing page was created for this process.  The testing process will begin immediately and the OpenPTK-310 Release Testing and Review issue will be updated with the results of the testing (along with the testing page).

Release Review

An issue was created to track the OpenPTK-310 Testing and Review.  Each of the project founders will independently review the complete project and be required to enter a comment on issue 310 which states:  "In its current state, I feel that the project is ready for release".