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Question:  is this page still applicable since maven is not available?  If so, it is 2.1+

This design document describes the proposed download bundles for the 2.0 version. This basically discusses some of the different ways OpenPTK components will be bundled up for download.

The idea is to create a set of options that different audiences might download (i.e. Developer, Administrators, Evaluators).  The matrix would translate to operations in the ant build scripts defining which OpenPTK components would be brought into a download artifact.  There will also need to be some possible scripting to help that installer of the download artifact deploy it properly (i.e. Server Engine would unzip into a directory with an embedded Tomcat web app and only basic instructions would need to be provided to install and test the deployment, hopefully in as few clicks as possible).

Download Matrix

Component All Server CLI Portlet UML Samples Identity Central
Base X X X X X X
Client X X X X X X
Framework X

Server Engine X          
Server Web UI X         X

  JNDI X         X
  UnboundID LDAPSDK X         X
  SPML1 X         X
  SPML2 X         X
X         X
X         X
X         X
User Management Lite       X    
  Auth         X  
  JavaAPI         X  
  Taglib X         X  

Deployment Bundle Vehicles

Deployment Bundle Download Artifact Description
OpenPTK All Includes All Distributions Below
Server openptk-server-2.0.0.war OpenPTK Server and Web UI to multiple Services.  Requires Web App Server.
CLI Command Line Interface to JDBC Service
Porlet openptk-portlets-2.0.0.war Portlet UI to JDBC Service.
UML openptk-uml-2.0.0.war User Management Lite Web Application to JDBC Service
Samples for Auth, Java API, Taglib and client to OpenPTK Framework and JDBC Service
OpenPTK Source OpenPTK 2.0 Source Code
OpenPTK JavaDoc OpenPTK 2.0 JavaDoc
Identity Central openptk-identitycentral-2.0.0.war OpenPTK 2.0 Identity Central UI