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JavaOne 2010 Presentation

posted Dec 13, 2011, 8:50 AM by Scott Fehrman
A RESTful Web Service Solution For Identity Management Using JAX-RS (Jersey)

This session covers "how to" implement a secure Identity Management (registration, user management, password management) RESTful Web Service that extends common user repositories (SPML, LDAP, JDBC) using JAX-RS (Jersey). The session is for architects and developers that want to see how a custom RESTful Web Service solution was implemented. Attendees will learn how to: leverage the RESTful JAX-RS (Jersey) API, abstract different data repositories, and address authentication and authorization. The session covers architecture, code examples, and demonstrations of applications (Java, JavaFX, and AJAX) which leverage the RESTful Web Service. Project OpenPTK, an open source provisioning toolkit, will be referenced throughout the presentation.